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Grace and Sons Appraisal Services was incorporated June 9, 1986. We had existed previously for some 15 years as a sole proprietorship doing primarily residential, small commercial as well as farm and ranch appraisals. In the years since 1986 we have grown from two employees to ten. The focus of our business has changed; we now do residential, commercial, retail, special purpose, farm and ranch as well as litigation support. We work for most major banks as well as issues with divorce and other areas of property issues. We do work that will stand the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service and other government entities including the Small Business Administration. We do work for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, our work in this area is Yellow Book compliant. We work for city, county, state and federal government entities providing very specific litigation support including Yellow Book compliant appraisals for projects involving federal funds. Our litigation support includes land takings, land damages, calculations of the part taken and valuing the remainder. Our reports are very comprehensive and detailed. We can provide the court exhibits in any format needed. Our input includes identifying the miscalculations of the other side’s appraiser and providing both questions regarding the appraiser’s opinions of value, and very explicit input as to the reason for the differences in value. We have testified in depositions and court on numerous occasions and our track record is very good in keeping awards with our value range.  In addition, we have done a number of class action lawsuits including damages from high voltage transmission lines, pipelines, pollution and provide proximity studies when needed. Proximity studies are needed when the claim for damage includes a location for an easement or taking is perceived to have changed the use and enjoyment or future sales potential of the property remainder.


All these issues are handled in a proficient very professional manner by our well-trained staff which include State Licensed Certified with Appraisal Institute memberships. Two Appraisers have attained the SRA and MAI designations. For MAI and SRA designation requirements, which are in addition to state licensing requirements, see the Qualifications section of this site.  Our other appraiser is a State Certified General Appraiser with experience in residential, small commercial, farm and ranch properties. The State Certified General Appraiser has advanced education beyond the state requirements and has the SRA designation. We have worked with national litigation in our area and will provide references specific to your needs when requested.


We believe we have the office staff, education and experience to handle your needs. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

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