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R.E. "Dick" Grace


Dick was the Senior Vice President & Chief Appraiser from 1971 to 1984 at First Federal Savings & Loan. Then ventured out on his own and starting Grace and Sons Appraisal Services, where he has remained the President since 1984.


  • National Director for the Appraisal Institute Region II from 1999-2001.

  • Vice Chairman of Region II for 2001.

  • President of the Great Plains Chapter of the Appraisal Institute in 1997.

  • Designated MAI and SRA.

  • Motivational Speaker for National and Local Appraisal Institute meetings.


  • VA Approved Appraiser & VA Approved Compliance Inspector.

  • FHA Approved Appraiser


  • Qualified as an expert witness in the City, State and Federal Courts in the State of Oklahoma as well as Federal Courts in the State of Texas.

  • Institute Extensive experience in litigation appraisals including divorce, estates, right of way, environmental, etc.


Robert D. (Bob) Grace, MAI, SRA, CRE, Senior Appraiser 


Mr. Grace is a Senior Appraiser with Grace and Sons Appraisal, where he serves as head of the firm’s real property valuation and consulting practice.  Mr. Grace has served as an appraiser for the firm since 1994. He has over twenty years of experience providing business and financial advice to clients operating in a broad range of industries including, among others: lending, energy, chemical, financial service, commercial and residential real estate, and utilities.  Mr. Grace's experience includes advising clients in connection with eminent domain proceedings, environmental damages to real estate, real estate counseling, highest and best use analysis, and development of expert opinions for federal and state court.  Representative examples of Mr. Grace’s engagements include the following: 


Real Property experience

  • Issued an expert report in a federal case involving alleged damage from the renewal of a pipeline easement across tribal land.

  • Analyzed the impact of Overhead High Voltage Transmission Lines on property values covering multiple counties in Oklahoma.

  • Issued an affidavit in a class action matter involving alleged property damage due to contaminated groundwater.

  • Analyzed a claim of property diminution on the value of residential and commercial tracts surrounding a landfill.

  • Determined the impact of a construction defect on a regional shopping center.

  • Issued an affidavit in a class action matter involving alleged property damage as a result of earthquakes.

  • Developed a report regarding alleged property diminution from an overspray to a vineyard and winery.

  • Developed an opinion of market value for over 300 properties in a class action claim involving alleged structural damage from geotechnical issues.

  • Analyzed claim of property damage to a rural residential property resulting from alleged increased groundwater runoff due to development of adjacent land.

  • Developed an economic base analysis for study of control area property’s in an alleged groundwater contamination event.

  • Analyzed an opposing expert’s methodology and provided an appropriate methodology to determine impact, if any, in a geotechnical issue.

  • Performed an analysis of alleged impact on property value associated with a ruptured sewer line underneath a residential property.

  • Issued an expert report and presented findings to a city planning commission illustrating residential property trends around existing cell towers.

  • Evaluated claims of property value diminution attributed to noise, light, and air emissions brought by property owner surrounding a saltwater disposal facility.

  • Researched potential stigma to residential property value subsequent to interior cleanup of a murder scene.

  • Performed a market study of historical property value and lease trends of commercial office and research and development space located in a science and technology research park.

  • Developed easement valuations over tribal lands in accordance with the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions. 

  • Developed long term market lease rates for renewal of river side commercial property for the Army Corps of Engineers.  

  • Valued the going concern of a funeral home in conjunction with its existing mausoleum, cemetery, and other intangibles.

  • Provided market value evidence in an eminent domain action regarding loss of access and change in circulation to an existing local college and retail facilities.

  • Analyzed damage models arising from multiple plaintiffs’ claims of diminution from earthquakes.

  • Researched evidence of stigma involving construction defects both before and after repairs were completed.

  • Provided an appraisal report and testimony regarding a dispute involving a large apartment complex owner and their local county assessor.

  • Developed an opinion of market regarding an historic façade easement on multiple properties in downtown Oklahoma City.

  • Analyzed a claim of property diminution from contamination by a former dry-cleaning facility for an adjoining property owner.

  • Developed an opinion of market value for an eminent domain proceeding regarding highest and best use of a paper platted tract.

  • Developed a proximity study for an eminent domain action for a highway widening project.

  • Assembled data and constructed a database for use in an eminent domain dispute.  Data included traffic count, population, housing stock, land use, competitors, etc.

  • Developed an opinion of market value for a special use property in compliance with IRS charitable donation guidelines.


Professional business affiliations

  • Appraisal Institute

    • Designated MAI

    • Designated SRA

    • National Board of Directors 2009-2014

    • Member of the Education Subcommittee, and various other committees

    • Reviewer for 2016 UASFLA (Yellow Book)

    • Region Chair

    • Chapter president, Vice president, Treasurer

  • National Association of Realtors (NAR), Affiliate member

    • Oklahoma Association of Realtors

    • Tulsa Association of Realtors

    • Appointed to the NAR Land Use and Property Rights Committee

  • Oklahoma Licensure

    • Certified General Appraiser

    • Reviewer for state licensing

  • Counselors of Real estate

    • Designated CRE

    • Appointed to NAR Committee on Land Use and Property Rights by CRE


Community Involvement

  • Board of Directors Scope Ministries

  • Mentor at Stand In The Gap Ministries

  • Small group leader at Quail Springs Baptist Church


Education and Designations 

  • Bachelor of Science Major: Finance, Oklahoma State University, Minor: Accounting

  • Designated CRE Counselors of Real Estate  

  • Designated MAI Appraisal Institute  

  • Designated SRA Appraisal Institute

Lisa Krywicki 


Lisa is an Oklahoma State Certified General Appraiser accepting assignments for the valuation of residential and commercial properties. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has been working with Grace & Sons since 2003.


  • Oklahoma State Certified General

  • Designated SRA

  • Member of the Appraisal Institute 

  • FHA Approved Appraiser

  • VA Approved Appraiser


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